• Use it to clean your grout. The sonic power of the brush works amazingly well for this!
  • Use it on your pet’s teeth. A little chicken-flavored toothpaste, this job gets done so much faster than with manual brushing, and gets their gums cared for as well.
  • Use it to get those hard to reach spots cleaning your engine, sewing machine, or anything else that has a lot of small moving parts.
  • Donate it to a friend or family member who does not yet know the amazing power of Sonicare-ing your teeth instead of brushing.

Over the years, the Sonicare technology has just gotten better and better. The toothbrushes have more bells and whistles, hold a charge longer, whiten, have different speeds, and I didn’t really see how much better things could actually get in the Sonicare world…



The New Sonicare Diamond

The Sonicare Diamond… Oh…My…

Not only is it the best looking toothbrush I have ever seen – it’s light, sleek, streamlined looking, like a toothbrush James Bond would use, something I don’t mind leaving on the counter – my teeth feel cleaner than ever!

Warning! You may find yourself spending more time brushing, because this toothbrush is such a delight to use.
I now use my older model Sonicare to clean my jewelry – which works great by the way!