Tooth loss is far more common than many people think. The American Academy of Prosthodontists notes that an estimated that 178 million Americans are missing one or more teeth, and around 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. Following the loss of a tooth, the doctors of Metro Dental Care can fit you with a customized restoration that allows you to speak and eat with confidence. 

We have multiple experienced dentists on staff, including a periodontist and orthodontist. We have been proudly serving the Denver area for over 30 years.

What are my tooth replacement options?

There are two basic options for restoring a missing tooth: traditional and implant-retained restorations. Traditional restorations have been around for decades. Dentures have been used in various forms for centuries. Traditional restorations are supported by natural teeth or the surface of the gums. Patients should be in good oral health before being fitted with a prosthetic. 

Dental Bridge 

If you have a tooth that is severely damaged, you can have a crown placed that encases your tooth in a natural-looking ceramic “cap.” Crowns are also used to support a dental bridge. A bridge replaces multiple consecutive teeth. A typical dental bridge is supported by two crowns (one on each side of the gap in your smile) that support a row of false teeth. Candidates for a dental bridge must have two healthy teeth on either side of their gap that can support a bridge. 

A dental bridge offers a stable platform that can restore chewing function and speech. The prosthetic does put additional pressure on the abutment teeth, meaning that, for some patients, it may not be a permanent solution for tooth loss.


Patients who are missing most or all of their teeth may be good candidates for a partial or full denture. If you still have multiple remaining natural teeth, a partial denture can be placed. Partial dentures are supported by metal clasps that attach to natural teeth. If you are missing an entire dental arch, you may be a candidate for a full denture. Removable dentures consist of a pink or red base (typically made from a durable acrylic resin) that supports a row of natural-looking teeth. Dentures are supported by the gums with the aid of a strong topical bonding agent. 

Implant-retained Prosthetics

Although traditional prosthetics can restore oral function, our doctors recommend implant-retained prosthetics due to the superior support the restorative option offers. Our practice is proud to have Dr. Mike Norouzinia, a board-certified periodontist, on staff to provide special treatment and care for patients receiving dental implants.

Implants are threaded titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone by our periodontist. Dental implants function like natural teeth and can last for a lifetime. Tooth roots stimulate jawbone regeneration. Only dental implants allow your restoration to perform a similar function. Implants can support a crown, bridge, and denture. 

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The loss of even one tooth can lead to dental problems like teeth drifting and jaw alignment issues. To prevent further complications, we recommend that patients address tooth loss early on. Following your tooth extraction, you can gain candidacy for dental implant placement. See why Denver voters consistently choose Metro Dental Care for “Top Doctor” in 5280 Magazine. Call (303) 534-2626.