smile makeoverOur Rx: Smile Makeover

Do your selfies always feature a closed-mouth smile?

Do you instinctively cover your mouth whenever you laugh?

If you aren’t 100 percent happy with your smile, your confidence and happiness may be suffering as a result. For a lot of patients, excellent oral health doesn’t always mean a flawless smile. There are several things that might make you feel embarrassed by your teeth:

  • Dark stains
  • Yellowed teeth
  • Irregular tooth size or shape
  • Crowded looking teeth
  • Gaps
  • A gummy-looking smile

If you find yourself hesitating to smile freely among friends and strangers, alike, you probably would love the opportunity to correct your dental imperfections—and we at Metropolitan Dental Care would love to see you smile confidently again!

The Cost of Smile Makeover

A lot of people would jump at the chance to correct their aesthetic flaws, but assume that cosmetic treatments are out of their reach. It’s true that dental insurance does not cover cosmetic treatments, but that doesn’t always mean you can’t afford them. If worrying about the cost of fixing your teeth has prevented you from asking about cosmetic treatments, we have two pieces of good news you might find interesting.

1.      Not All Cosmetic Treatments Cost and Arm and a Leg!

It’s true that some of the more comprehensive treatments are going to require a significant investment, but many improvements are affordable, even if you are on a budget. Depending on the nature of your aesthetics goals, cosmetic dentistry can often make dramatic improvements with conservative enhancements.

When you schedule your smile makeover consultation, take some time to decide what having a beautiful smile again is worth to you. Try to determine a ballpark budget ceiling and share this with your dentist. We know many patients who have financed their smile makeover with small lifestyle adjustments, such as skipping their daily trips to Starbucks for a few months (all that coffee stains your teeth, anyway).

2.      We Offer Financing for Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a few different financing plans at Metropolitan Dental Care, which offer significantly lower interest rates than the credit cards you may have in your wallet. With our financing, you can spread your payments out over the course of several months, so the cost of your treatments will have less of an impact on your finances. Ask us about them at your next visit or smile makeover consultation.


Why You Deserve a Beautiful Smile

We love our bright and beautiful smiles in this country, and, while cosmetic dentistry may have once been considered a luxury service, it’s really very accessible today. As cosmetic techniques have advanced and become more common, Americans of all backgrounds have been able to afford smile makeovers in recent years—and the benefits can change your life.

Patients who have undergone a smile makeover report an overall increase in feelings of optimism and quality of life. When you know your smile looks great, you smile more freely and you laugh more often. When you smile and laugh, you feel happier and approach all aspects of your life with enhanced confidence and joy.

A No-Risk Consultation

If you’d like to put your tooth shame behind you, schedule a cosmetic consultation with one of our skilled dentists. We’ll listen to your concerns and suggest conservative treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. There is no risk involved, and we never proceed with treatments until you are sure you’re ready.

We would love to help you brighten up your smile! Call us at 303-534-2626 for an appointment at our Denver, CO or Lone Tree, CO dental office.