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5 Tips for Tooth Extraction Recovery


Tooth extractions are completed by dentists across the country every day. A tooth extraction appointment is certainly not anything to worry about. Experienced, trustworthy dentists are able to complete this procedure while keeping their patients comfortable and relaxed. Preparing for the surgery usually requires fasting from food and liquid for at least three hours before the procedure. After arriving at the office, the dentist and his or her team will take care of the rest. Once the procedure is complete, there are several things that contribute to a successful recovery. Whether the dentist is removing your wisdom teeth or any other [...]

5 Tips for Tooth Extraction Recovery2020-07-13T09:18:10-06:00

Are You Worried About Your Tooth Extraction?


Getting a tooth extraction can be nerve wracking. If you’re feeling anxious, rest assured that your Denver dentists at Metropolitan Dental Care will use modern, gentle techniques to encourage a fast and healthy recovery. If you have any questions about an upcoming appointment, our friendly, caring staff will be happy to answer them. Call (303) 534-2626 today. This information will hopefully make you feel less nervous as you go in for your tooth extraction procedure. Reasons for a Tooth Extraction Dentists will usually try to restore a tooth before opting to pull it out. However, for these dental problems, extraction may be the only [...]

Are You Worried About Your Tooth Extraction?2019-10-22T10:45:58-06:00

Tooth Extraction in Denver, CO


When a tooth is decayed or damaged in some way, doctors and patients alike usually prefer to save it. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If damage is too extensive, removing the tooth may be the only viable option. If you need a tooth extraction in Denver, our doctors at Metropolitan Dental Care can deliver. Using gentle techniques and advanced technology, we can perform tooth removal with as little discomfort as possible. Today, we will explore the two primary types of tooth extraction and explain when each treatment option may be recommended. When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary? There are many [...]

Tooth Extraction in Denver, CO2019-04-24T09:30:49-06:00

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?


Have you recently received the news that a tooth needs to be extracted? Do you have anxiety about the procedure or how your smile will be affected? If you find yourself nodding along to these questions, rest assured you are not alone, and this is a completely normal response. While conservative restorative methods, such as root canal therapy or dental crowns, are generally attempted first to preserve a tooth, when the damage is severe, a tooth extraction may be recommended to protect your oral health. If an unhealthy tooth remains in place, it can lead to chronic pain, gum disease, abscess, [...]

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?2017-11-29T21:46:43-07:00

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?


When you examine yourself in the mirror, what do you see smiling back at you? Do you notice missing, uneven, broken, or severely damaged teeth? If any imperfections are preventing you from fully displaying your smile, it may be time to consider a full mouth restoration. By combining several restorative and cosmetic procedures into one treatment plan, you can address multiple issues at once. While some treatments can be completed in one office visit, others will be spread out over several months. These treatments will work together to create a healthier, more attractive smile that will give you the confidence you [...]

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?2017-11-03T15:23:41-06:00