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Is a Smile Makeover Really Worth It?


We all know how it works. When looking at a group photo, where does your focus go first? Most likely, it’s on yourself. And what do you notice most? Unfortunately, most people only see the negatives. The things they want to change. If your focus is on your smile—or your lack of one—you may wonder if it’s time for a smile makeover. There’s no need to worry about the vanity in that. Consider this—improving your smile improves your overall health and wellbeing. It also improves confidence and self-esteem. At Metropolitan Dental Care, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile. And [...]

Is a Smile Makeover Really Worth It?2019-11-06T07:21:26-07:00

7 Benefits of White Fillings


White fillings are becoming more and more common. In fact, at Metropolitan Dental Care, we recommend them over silver amalgam fillings due to their numerous advantages. Here, our Denver dental team explores six benefits of composite fillings so patients can be well-informed about this treatment option. Want to learn more? Contact our Denver practice today by calling 303-534-2626. #1: White fillings are less invasive. To place amalgam fillings, significant tooth structure must be removed. As a result, the overall integrity of the tooth can be compromised. Conversely, white fillings do not require as much alteration. Therefore, more natural tooth structure can [...]

7 Benefits of White Fillings2019-07-12T04:34:34-06:00

What Does a Restorative Dentist Do?


Ever wonder what the difference is between a cosmetic and restorative dentist? The truth is, the procedures involved in these branches of dentistry overlap quite a bit. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our restorative dentists in Lone Tree perform both cosmetic and restorative procedures on a daily basis. While cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on the appearance and aesthetics of your smile, restorative dentistry rebuilds the form and function of your teeth for optimal oral health. Restorative Treatments are the Foundation of Dentistry Sure, we all experience a little excitement about going in for a professional teeth whitening treatment. But did you know [...]

What Does a Restorative Dentist Do?2018-01-22T06:19:38-07:00

Benefits of White Fillings


It’s never fun to hear the words, “You have a cavity,” from your dentist, but it’s not the end of the world. While some people coast through life without ever needing a dental filling, you will more than likely receive this bad news from your dentist at least once in your lifetime. Out of every 10 Americans over the age of 35, at least nine have had a cavity repaired. Thanks to gentle techniques and aesthetically pleasing composite resin, cavity repair has never been easier or more natural looking. Silver amalgam was the material of choice for decades, but now dentists [...]

Benefits of White Fillings2017-11-29T21:21:59-07:00

Exceptional Dental Care from Dentists You Can Trust


At Metropolitan Dental Care, we believe in providing our patients with the best dental care possible in a warm and inviting environment. Our doctors and dental hygienists are passionate about providing treatments that will help keep your smile healthy and are committed to being upfront and honest about the care you need. We thought we’d share what some of our patients are saying about us: “Prior to joining Metropolitan Dental Care, I was terrified of the dentist. I am a 'perio case' with some gum recession, and my old dentist was always telling me I needed gum grafting and surgeries and [...]

Exceptional Dental Care from Dentists You Can Trust2017-10-17T11:02:04-06:00