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How to Know if You Need Root Canal Therapy


Root canal therapy is used to restore a tooth that has developed a root canal infection Many people are anxious about getting one, but treatment is always preferable to oral pain and tooth loss. How do patients know if they need this restorative treatment? When you visit Metropolitan Dental Care, one of our experienced dentists will examine your tooth to determine the best way to restore your oral health. Here are some common signs that you are a candidate for safe and effective root canal therapy. Reasons for Needing Root Canal Therapy Root canal therapy is necessary when your dental pulp [...]

How to Know if You Need Root Canal Therapy2019-10-22T10:25:22-06:00

Restoring a Broken Tooth


A broken tooth means a restorative dentistry appointment is in your future! If you break a tooth, follow these instructions to stabilize the tooth until you can be seen by our Denver dentists. Once you get to your appointment, your Metro Dental Care dentist may recommend one of the following treatments to restore your broken tooth. The type of treatment needed can vary, depending on the severity of the break, the health and strength of your tooth, or the location of the tooth that broke. Below, learn more about our common restorative procedures and what you can expect while in the [...]

Restoring a Broken Tooth2019-04-03T17:38:18-06:00

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?


Have you recently received the news that a tooth needs to be extracted? Do you have anxiety about the procedure or how your smile will be affected? If you find yourself nodding along to these questions, rest assured you are not alone, and this is a completely normal response. While conservative restorative methods, such as root canal therapy or dental crowns, are generally attempted first to preserve a tooth, when the damage is severe, a tooth extraction may be recommended to protect your oral health. If an unhealthy tooth remains in place, it can lead to chronic pain, gum disease, abscess, [...]

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?2017-11-29T21:46:43-07:00