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Why Surgery is Required for Advanced Perio Disease


Living with gum disease is frustrating, to be sure. Even patients who brush and floss faithfully can still develop periodontal issues, simply because they have a genetic predisposition. Perio disease in Lone Tree can be treated at any stage, although an early diagnosis can typically save patients an immense amount of time and money in the long run. If you have advanced periodontal disease, it is important to treat it before it leads to mobility and tooth loss. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our onsite periodontist, Dr. Mike Norouzinia, can perform gum surgery to eliminate bacteria and infection, and improve your overall [...]

Why Surgery is Required for Advanced Perio Disease2018-04-10T12:08:45-06:00

Can Hormonal Changes Cause Perio Disease?


Certain life cycle stages can cause hormone fluctuations, leading to a variety of changes within the body. This is why teenagers often develop acne, why pregnancy can cause morning sickness, and why menopause can result in hot flashes. Although most of us are familiar with these examples, it is less common to consider how hormone changes affect oral health. If you have gum inflammation or perio disease in Lone Tree, hormones could actually be the culprit. Today, our team at Metropolitan Dental Care will explore the signs and symptoms of hormone-induced gum disease. By understanding the condition, you will be well-equipped [...]

Can Hormonal Changes Cause Perio Disease?2018-04-10T11:58:26-06:00