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Recovering from Oral Surgery in Denver


Sometimes surgery is a necessary aspect of oral healthcare. At Metropolitan Dental Care, we perform a variety of oral surgery procedures, including tooth extractions, dental implants, gum surgery, and more. Are you about to undergo oral surgery in Denver? If so, knowing what to expect during the treatment process can help you be prepared and enjoy a comfortable, successful recovery. Today, our team offers a few tips and tricks so you can go back to your normal routines as soon as possible. Discomfort Our doctors use the latest and most advanced surgical techniques available. Even so, any surgical procedure usually results [...]

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Recovery after Oral Surgery in Denver


No one likes hearing they need surgery. But sometimes it is necessary to preserve your long-term oral health. At Metropolitan Dental Care, your Denver dentist offers a wide range of oral surgery treatments, including tooth extractions, bone grafting, gum procedures, and more. Today, we will discuss oral surgery in Denver and explain what patients can expect during the recovery process. Post-Operative Bleeding Immediately after your oral surgery in Denver, a small piece of gauze will be placed over the site to help slow bleeding. This can be removed after about 30 minutes. If bleeding persists, bite down firmly on another piece [...]

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Foods to Eat after Oral Surgery


No one likes to hear that they need an extraction, gum graft, or other form of oral surgery. However, following the rules and guidelines following your procedure can help you enjoy a successful recovery. In fact, eating the right foods can even be fun! If you have undergone ­– or are about to undergo – oral surgery in Denver, allow our team at Metropolitan Dental Care to recommend what to eat after oral surgery. Foods to Eat Following oral surgery, the soft tissues inside your mouth may be a bit irritated and sensitive. Therefore, the foods we recommend will be soft or [...]

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