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Can an Insurance Dentist Help Maximize Your Benefits?


Dental insurance is tricky. Without the proper knowledge, it can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, an insurance dentist can help you maximize your benefits. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our doctors accept a wide range of insurance plans, which we’ll explore in more detail later. We even have an on-site insurance coordinator who can file all necessary paperwork on your behalf. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the basics of dental insurance and share some things that can help you out in the long run. The Ins and Outs of Dental Insurance First, let’s talk about the difference between in-network and [...]

Can an Insurance Dentist Help Maximize Your Benefits?2020-06-11T10:57:34-06:00

Have Insurance? Dentist in Denver Explains All


We believe that dental care should be accessible and affordable for everyone. If you have dental insurance, it’s a contract between you, your insurance company, and possibly your employer. We’re not a part of that contract. However, we’ll do what we can to make sure your benefits are maximized for optimal reimbursement. Your insurance company may ask for case notes, x-rays, and other records when determining coverage for your procedures. Our front office team is experienced and equipped to compile these records in a timely manner so that you can deliver them to your insurance company. If you have questions about [...]

Have Insurance? Dentist in Denver Explains All2019-04-24T09:24:11-06:00