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Recovery Tips Following Gum Graft Surgery


If the roots of your teeth are exposed due to advanced periodontal disease, professional deep cleaning can help tissue reattach to the teeth. However, once gum tissue is lost, it will not regrow. When it gum recession is severe enough to expose the roots of your teeth, a gum graft may be needed. When facing periodontal disease and potential gum surgery, you want an experienced periodontist who specializes in treating gums. Dr. Mike Norouzinia at Metropolitan Dental Care is a board-certified periodontist and member of the American Academy of Periodontology. With his advanced training, education, and experience, he is the doctor [...]

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When is a gum graft necessary?


Gums don’t receive nearly as much credit as they deserve; when you think about it, they protect and hold your teeth in place during a lifetime of chewing, laughing, and talking. While our Denver, CO, dentists restore and protect your teeth from decay or damage, they also help to ensure your gums are well-cared for and healthy. Our team at Metro Dental Care helps patients who may be experiencing gum recession by providing gum graft treatment. If you would like to schedule a consultation regarding the health of your gums, give us a call at 303.534.2626. Receding Gums Gum grafts are [...]

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