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The Specialties of a General Dentist


If you think a general dentist only does fillings and exams, it may surprise you to learn all the things a “general dentist” can do. At Metropolitan Dental Care we have a strong team of Denver, CO general dentists who can do some pretty amazing things. The technological and technical advances in modern dentistry allow us to do things you may have not even realized were possible. For example, a general dentist can: Find and treat cavities before they happen Replace a whole tooth with a dental implant Correct virtually any flaws in the appearance of your teeth Fix your headaches [...]

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Brett and Dr. Mike


Testimonial: Dr. Mike has been my dentist ever since around the time his son came into the world, at least 25 years ago. I don't know what his inabilities are, but Bret is enabled next to his father, Dr. Mike. The two are like one dentist with four hands. The chatter is in a private language, but communication is smooth and both are aware of how the patient is doing. My dental care was, as always, the best, but the victory, over time, of a problem becoming a solution is inspirational, a beautiful thing to behold, that a father would teach [...]

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