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When to Consider a Deep Dental Cleaning


It’s the new year, and that means people are cleaning their homes, organizing their closets, and starting healthy eating and fitness routines; whether you have resolutions or not, it’s the best time for a refresh! Near the first of the year, many patients may schedule a cleaning and regular examination. But for some patients who may be facing more advanced periodontal disease, or who may have missed several previous dental cleanings, a deep dental cleaning could be the best treatment. Deep dental cleanings aren’t just longer cleanings; they are a special procedure that can remove deep plaque and tartar buildup and [...]

When to Consider a Deep Dental Cleaning2019-01-10T11:33:41-07:00

Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes: Your General Dentist in Denver Weighs In


Something as simple as shopping for a toothbrush can become overwhelming when you realize how many options there are. Dental manufacturers will stop at nothing to convince you that their product is essential to proper oral health. For this reason, many patients are curious to know if electric toothbrushes are better than manual ones. Let’s get straight to the point. Both types of toothbrushes can clean the teeth safely and effectively. However, they each have pros and cons which may sway your decision when it comes to point of purchase. Today, your general dentist in Denver at Metropolitan Dental Care weighs [...]

Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes: Your General Dentist in Denver Weighs In2018-08-21T10:15:43-06:00

Why You Need a Dental Checkup at Least Every Six Months


How often do you go to the dentist? Most Americans know that regular cleanings and examinations are vital or oral health; but not all of them know exactly why. Today, our team at Metropolitan Dental Care will go into a little more detail about why a dental checkup in Denver every six months is important for your long-term success and health. Routine Dental Care Preserves Your Oral Health Let’s face it – not many people truly love going to the dentist. In some cases, life is just busy. In other instances, patients may suffer from dental anxiety. No matter the obstacles, [...]

Why You Need a Dental Checkup at Least Every Six Months2019-04-24T09:52:10-06:00

3 Common Gum Disease Treatments


Your teeth and gums work together to create a beautifully balanced and healthy smile. When one is unhealthy, it can negatively affect the other. It is estimated that 90 percent of Americans over the age of 30 have at least one cavity. That means nine out of every 10 people you come in contact with most likely have a cavity, making it a common health concern. While it may be the norm to discuss cavities among friends and co-workers, one oral health concern that is just as serious but less talked about is gum disease. This chronic gum infection affects roughly [...]

3 Common Gum Disease Treatments2017-11-02T17:22:31-06:00