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Reasons to Replace Your Old Amalgam Fillings


Are you over the age of 30? If so, you probably have at least one silver filling. In previous years, this was the only way to fill a cavity. For the past few decades, however, tooth-colored composite fillings have become the primary option for treating tooth decay. Sure, they are much more natural-looking compared to metal fillings. But did you know there are plenty of other reasons to make this switch, as well? At Metropolitan Dental Care, we offer tooth-colored fillings as well as many other cosmetic and restorative treatments. Today, your general dentist in Lone Tree will discuss a few [...]

Reasons to Replace Your Old Amalgam Fillings2018-04-10T12:05:26-06:00

Benefits of White Fillings


It’s never fun to hear the words, “You have a cavity,” from your dentist, but it’s not the end of the world. While some people coast through life without ever needing a dental filling, you will more than likely receive this bad news from your dentist at least once in your lifetime. Out of every 10 Americans over the age of 35, at least nine have had a cavity repaired. Thanks to gentle techniques and aesthetically pleasing composite resin, cavity repair has never been easier or more natural looking. Silver amalgam was the material of choice for decades, but now dentists [...]

Benefits of White Fillings2017-11-29T21:21:59-07:00

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?


When you examine yourself in the mirror, what do you see smiling back at you? Do you notice missing, uneven, broken, or severely damaged teeth? If any imperfections are preventing you from fully displaying your smile, it may be time to consider a full mouth restoration. By combining several restorative and cosmetic procedures into one treatment plan, you can address multiple issues at once. While some treatments can be completed in one office visit, others will be spread out over several months. These treatments will work together to create a healthier, more attractive smile that will give you the confidence you [...]

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?2017-11-03T15:23:41-06:00