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7 Benefits of Porcelain Crowns


From metal to ceramic, there are several different types of dental crowns. These restorations can be made from a variety of materials. Designed to fit over a damaged tooth, ceramic crowns offer both strength and beauty. Today, our Denver dental team explores seven benefits of porcelain crowns so you can be well-informed about your treatment options. Metropolitan Dental Care has proudly served the Denver area for over 30 years. Our team is equipped to address a wide range of dental needs. To learn more about dental crowns, or to schedule an appointment, reach out to a team member at Metropolitan Dental [...]

7 Benefits of Porcelain Crowns2019-07-17T07:13:39-06:00

Porcelain Crown Aftercare


You’ve just received a beautiful new porcelain crown. It matches your other teeth perfectly, and your smile is flawless. Now, you need to protect your investment (and your smile) with proper care and maintenance. Here, our Denver team at Metropolitan Dental Care explores the life expectancy of a porcelain crown and explains how to best maintain your new restoration. Think you may need a crown? Schedule a consultation at our Denver or Lone Tree practice. Call us today at 303-534-2626. How long will my dental crown last? On average, dental crowns are designed to last between five and 15 years. However, [...]

Porcelain Crown Aftercare2019-06-13T08:38:36-06:00

Filling or Crown? The Best Treatment for Your Tooth


Yikes! A painful tooth can be an unwelcome surprise. When you bite down and experience sensitivity or pain, restorative dental treatments could be necessary. Restorative dentistry can eliminate the painful symptoms of teeth that have been damaged due to decay, infection, or trauma. Typically, for mild to moderate damage, your Denver restorative dentist will restore teeth through dental fillings or dental crowns. To understand the differences between these two common treatments, and to learn which one could be best for your painful tooth, read on! To schedule your appointment with a restorative dentist near downtown Denver, call our practice at 303.534.2626. [...]

Filling or Crown? The Best Treatment for Your Tooth2019-04-07T19:40:05-06:00

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth


Tooth enamel is one of the strongest materials in the body intended to protect the underlying layers of your teeth. It can also help you break down foods so you can digest more effectively. Although durable, it is not invincible and can be damaged just as your bones can break from an accident or serious injury. When a mouth injury occurs, it can result in a chipped tooth. In more severe cases, the tooth can completely break in multiple pieces. A chipped tooth can even occur as a result of using your teeth to open packages, biting your nails, or chewing [...]

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth2017-11-10T09:39:29-07:00

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?


When you examine yourself in the mirror, what do you see smiling back at you? Do you notice missing, uneven, broken, or severely damaged teeth? If any imperfections are preventing you from fully displaying your smile, it may be time to consider a full mouth restoration. By combining several restorative and cosmetic procedures into one treatment plan, you can address multiple issues at once. While some treatments can be completed in one office visit, others will be spread out over several months. These treatments will work together to create a healthier, more attractive smile that will give you the confidence you [...]

Are You in Need of a Full Mouth Restoration?2017-11-03T15:23:41-06:00