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What Happens at a Dental Cleaning?


According to the American Dental Association, you should schedule a visit to the dentist every six months. Many people dread these visits because of dental fear and anxiety, but others miss their regular dental cleanings simply because they don’t understand how this process benefits their oral health. If you miss a dental cleaning with your Denver dentist, then plaque and tartar will build up, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, your dental health will continue to decline, and you’ll develop worse dental problems that take more extensive procedures to correct. We want to help you avoid that! Schedule [...]

What Happens at a Dental Cleaning?2019-10-22T10:49:33-06:00

When to Consider a Deep Dental Cleaning


It’s the new year, and that means people are cleaning their homes, organizing their closets, and starting healthy eating and fitness routines; whether you have resolutions or not, it’s the best time for a refresh! Near the first of the year, many patients may schedule a cleaning and regular examination. But for some patients who may be facing more advanced periodontal disease, or who may have missed several previous dental cleanings, a deep dental cleaning could be the best treatment. Deep dental cleanings aren’t just longer cleanings; they are a special procedure that can remove deep plaque and tartar buildup and [...]

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