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Form vs. Function: Improving Your Smile through Comprehensive Treatments


Your smile pulls double duty; it not only functions as a way to speak and eat, but conveys your mood and alters your appearance. Dentistry services from Metro Dental Care combine form and function to address both sides of your unique smile. When it comes to restoring and repairing your smile, two comprehensive treatments can provide dramatic results for a totally new smile. For patients desiring improved health and function, a full mouth restoration offers restorative treatments. And for those patients desiring improved aesthetics and form, a smile makeover can alter the appearance of teeth and gums for a beautiful, inviting [...]

Form vs. Function: Improving Your Smile through Comprehensive Treatments2019-04-03T17:34:12-06:00

How can I fix my crooked teeth?


If you have crooked teeth, you may wonder “why?” If teeth are made to align correctly, why are so many people’s smiles misaligned and crooked? One theory says it's because of our modern diet. As early humans, we ate tougher, harder foods, and didn’t cut things up before chewing. Therefore, our jaws were much stronger and grew bigger during childhood. Today, our soft diet creates smaller jaws that are less likely to be able to adequately fit all our teeth in alignment. Crooked teeth are quite normal. But for our Denver patients who are looking to straighten their smile, we have [...]

How can I fix my crooked teeth?2019-04-07T11:16:48-06:00