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What Can I Do if I Have a Chipped Tooth?


A chipped tooth can make it difficult to chew and talk in some cases. It can also be uncomfortable since the tooth’s jagged edge can snag your tongue. The damaged tooth might lower your self-esteem. If you have a chipped tooth in Denver, the dental team at Metropolitan Dental Care can effectively restore your tooth for optimal health, function, and aesthetics. What Causes Chipped Teeth? A chipped tooth is a common problem that plagues many patients. There are several ways that you can chip your tooth. Some of the most common include: Tooth decay Biting on something hard Serious fall Trauma [...]

What Can I Do if I Have a Chipped Tooth?2020-08-31T06:18:59-06:00

The Quick Solution for a Chipped Tooth? It May Surprise You


A chipped tooth may not be painful, but it can leave you feeling self-conscious every time you smile. “Are people noticing my chipped tooth?” “Is it obvious?” “Should I try and hide it?” To stop these nagging thoughts and restore your beautiful smile, you can receive quick treatment for a chipped tooth at our Denver, CO, dental practice. So what type of treatment do we recommend, and what can you expect at your appointment? Keep reading to find out! Unhappy with your smile? Metro Dental Care in Denver, CO, offers a full-range of dentistry services, including cosmetic treatments such as professional [...]

The Quick Solution for a Chipped Tooth? It May Surprise You2019-05-09T20:05:08-06:00

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth


Tooth enamel is one of the strongest materials in the body intended to protect the underlying layers of your teeth. It can also help you break down foods so you can digest more effectively. Although durable, it is not invincible and can be damaged just as your bones can break from an accident or serious injury. When a mouth injury occurs, it can result in a chipped tooth. In more severe cases, the tooth can completely break in multiple pieces. A chipped tooth can even occur as a result of using your teeth to open packages, biting your nails, or chewing [...]

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth2017-11-10T09:39:29-07:00