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What Can I Do if I Have a Chipped Tooth?


A chipped tooth can make it difficult to chew and talk in some cases. It can also be uncomfortable since the tooth’s jagged edge can snag your tongue. The damaged tooth might lower your self-esteem. If you have a chipped tooth in Denver, the dental team at Metropolitan Dental Care can effectively restore your tooth for optimal health, function, and aesthetics. What Causes Chipped Teeth? A chipped tooth is a common problem that plagues many patients. There are several ways that you can chip your tooth. Some of the most common include: Tooth decay Biting on something hard Serious fall Trauma [...]

What Can I Do if I Have a Chipped Tooth?2020-08-31T06:18:59-06:00

Do You Have a Broken Tooth In Denver? It’s More Than a Cosmetic Issue


If you have sustained a fractured tooth, the first thing you probably thought of is how it will affect your appearance. After all, a rough or jagged tooth can detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. However, did you know that even a mildly chipped or fractured tooth can compromise your tooth structure and in turn, your oral health? If you have a broken tooth in Denver, our doctors at Metropolitan Dental Care can help. Fractures Weaken Teeth Healthy teeth are designed to withstand normal wear and tear. Anytime the structure is compromised, the tooth becomes weaker. This is also true for [...]

Do You Have a Broken Tooth In Denver? It’s More Than a Cosmetic Issue2019-04-23T12:19:39-06:00

How to Fix a Broken Tooth


Any time you experience dental trauma, it is scary, particularly if you have a fractured tooth because of it. This kind of dental injury not only affects your appearance, but also your overall oral health. At or practice, our experienced and knowledgeable doctors can repair dental damage to alleviate your discomfort and keep your smile looking great. If you have a broken tooth in Lone Tree or Denver, look no further than Metropolitan Dental Care. Why Do Teeth Fracture? There are a variety of reasons why your tooth may fracture. For example, maybe you were walking down the sidewalk, and tripped [...]

How to Fix a Broken Tooth2018-02-06T09:27:04-07:00