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Restoring a Broken Tooth


A broken tooth means a restorative dentistry appointment is in your future! If you break a tooth, follow these instructions to stabilize the tooth until you can be seen by our Denver dentists. Once you get to your appointment, your Metro Dental Care dentist may recommend one of the following treatments to restore your broken tooth. The type of treatment needed can vary, depending on the severity of the break, the health and strength of your tooth, or the location of the tooth that broke. Below, learn more about our common restorative procedures and what you can expect while in the [...]

Restoring a Broken Tooth2019-04-03T17:38:18-06:00

Common Treatments for a Broken Tooth


Despite diligent oral hygiene, sometimes accidents happen. For instance, have you ever been eating popcorn or nuts and notice a hard object in your mouth that doesn’t feel quite right? When you realize it’s a piece of a broken tooth, you begin to panic. Though this isn’t something you want to go through every day, rest assured there are plenty of treatments that can restore your smile quickly so you can take on the world with confidence. If you have a broken tooth in Denver, our team at Metropolitan Dental Care can help. What Causes Teeth to Fracture? Tooth fractures can [...]

Common Treatments for a Broken Tooth2018-12-12T15:16:21-07:00