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Possible Causes and Effective Treatments for Bad Breath


We’ve all dealt with bad breath in one way or another. Maybe you went on a date with someone whose bad breath was the reason there wasn’t a second one. You’ve probably gone to a meeting feeling self-conscious about your breath and sat as far away from your colleagues as possible. Whatever your experience, it’s important to understand what causes bad breath and how it can be treated at home or by a dentist. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the causes and treatments of bad breath. Reasons for Bad Breath There are several causes of bad breath, ranging [...]

Possible Causes and Effective Treatments for Bad Breath2020-08-03T16:18:15-06:00

The Six Most Common Causes of Bad Breath


What’s more embarrassing than spilling your drink on a first date? Bad breath. The drink can be cleaned up, your shirt will dry, but you’re out of luck when bad breath hits; gums and mints can only do so much. At Metropolitan Dental Care, we want to educate our patients on healthy dental habits.  Here are the six most common causes of bad breath and what you can do about them. 1.Dry Mouth Your saliva is essential for protecting your mouth and teeth against gum disease, cavities, infection, and bad breath. Saliva contains electrolytes, mucus, antibacterial compounds, and enzymes that strengthen and [...]

The Six Most Common Causes of Bad Breath2019-10-22T10:44:36-06:00

Denver Dentist Offers Tips for Fresher Breath


Bad breath is embarrassing. Furthermore, it can be an indicator of more serious health issues. Today, your Denver dentist at Metropolitan Dental Care explores common causes and treatments for bad breath and also offers a few tips for keeping your breath fresher for longer. If bad breath is impacting your quality of life, schedule a visit at Metropolitan Dental Care today. Call us at 303-534-2626. Common Bad Breath Causes There are several reasons why bad breath develops. We all know that a particularly oniony or garlicky meal can cause a temporary foul odor. But what about bad breath that lingers? This [...]

Denver Dentist Offers Tips for Fresher Breath2019-08-22T10:06:17-06:00

Tongue Scraping for Bad Breath


Attending regular dental examinations and cleanings is a crucial part of your dental health. However, it is also important to do your part at home between visits. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our team of doctors is always happy to offer tips, tricks, and advice about how to maintain healthy teeth and gums. If you are suffering from chronic bad breath in Lone Tree, tongue scraping may be a beneficial practice to add to your at-home hygiene routine. Today, we will explore what tongue scraping is, and how it can help you eliminate bad breath for optimal hygiene. What is a Tongue [...]

Tongue Scraping for Bad Breath2018-02-06T09:31:50-07:00

7 Common Brushing Mistakes to Review with Your General Dentist


How would you rate your tooth brushing skills? Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day? Do you change out your toothbrush as recommended? Even though tooth brushing is part of our daily routine, turns out, many individuals have subpar techniques according to the American Dental Association. Over time, this can lead to ineffective results, or worse yet, irritated gums and damaged tooth enamel. When visiting a general dentist, he or she can identify areas of your mouth that you aren’t thoroughly cleaning and offer solutions to improve your oral hygiene regimen. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our team is [...]

7 Common Brushing Mistakes to Review with Your General Dentist2017-12-02T20:30:30-07:00