Anxious, worried, or even scared of going to your next dental appointment? Can you relate to any of the following symptoms?

  • Tension and fear before an examination
  • Trouble sleeping before an examination
  • Increasing nervousness while waiting for your appointment to begin
  • Induced anxiety from the sight of dental instruments or hearing the sounds of a dental office
  • Feelings of panic or distress when the dentist begins examining your mouth

Dental Anxiety: Try these Tips for a Stress-Free AppointmentIf you suffer from any of the above symptoms, you may have dental anxiety or phobia. Our Metropolitan Dental Care team understands that many patients identify with these symptoms, and we work to make sure your experience is as positive and comfortable as possible. Below, we’ll talk more about how you can prepare for dental anxiety and have a better experience at your next dental appointment.

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You’re Not Alone

Dental anxiety is not uncommon; it’s been estimated that nearly 40 million Americans actually avoid regular dental appointments because of extreme dental anxiety or phobia. While it’s normal for patients to be stressed about attending a dental appointment, when anxiety keeps them away from regular examinations, it can be negative for their oral health.

Tips for Coping with Dental Anxiety

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from healthy teeth and gums. Below are a few tips you can try to create a more positive experience at your next appointment:

  • Tell your dentist about your concerns: Being upfront with your dentist before your appointment begins will help him or her create a more comfortable environment for you. Some patients prefer the dentist to talk through each step of treatment, so they can mentally prepare for everything that happens in the dental chair. Our motivation to provide comfortable, excellent care for each patient means our dental staff will try to make your experience as positive as possible.
  • Bring a friend or family member: Some patients feel more at ease if a loved one comes with them to the dental appointment. Be sure to choose a friend or family member who is helpful and more relaxed in stressful situations; their energy may have a positive effect on you!
  • Practice mindful breathing: Deep breathing and meditative practices can help calm your nerves and give you a sense of calm. Practice before attending your appointment so you are well-practiced when it comes time for your examination or procedure.
  • Bring headphones — and a relaxing playlist: Listening to calming music or a podcast both before or during your appointment can help you focus on something other than the dental treatment you are receiving. By “zoning out” and into the music or podcast, time can pass more quickly, and your mind can busy itself listening, rather than worrying.

Dental anxiety is common, and we help patients who suffer from dental fears regularly. Our Denver, CO team aims to make your experience a positive one, and we want to help change your expectations towards dental treatment; always let us know how we can make your experience more comfortable.

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