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5 Reasons to Choose White Fillings


What’s worse than a cavity? How about having it filled with unsightly silver mercury that stands out in your mouth for the world to see? Yikes! Even if you have to deal with tooth decay, it’s not as bad as you might think since you can choose a white filling. These fillings have grown in popularity over the past several decades because of the benefits that they boast. At Metropolitan Dental Care, any one of our talented dentists can use this option for damaged teeth to improve their appearance and enhance function. White fillings can help restore your oral health and [...]

5 Reasons to Choose White Fillings2020-10-19T10:12:41-06:00

Are You Worried About Your Tooth Extraction?


Getting a tooth extraction can be nerve wracking. If you’re feeling anxious, rest assured that your Denver dentists at Metropolitan Dental Care will use modern, gentle techniques to encourage a fast and healthy recovery. If you have any questions about an upcoming appointment, our friendly, caring staff will be happy to answer them. Call (303) 534-2626 today. This information will hopefully make you feel less nervous as you go in for your tooth extraction procedure. Reasons for a Tooth Extraction Dentists will usually try to restore a tooth before opting to pull it out. However, for these dental problems, extraction may be the only [...]

Are You Worried About Your Tooth Extraction?2019-10-22T10:45:58-06:00