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Will my dental implant feel like a real tooth?


Dental implants are the only restoration that delivers the feel and function of natural teeth. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your dental bridge or denture, you may be a good candidate for receiving a dental implant. Unlike traditional prosthetics, implants are anchored directly in the jaw bone. If you are ready for the superior stability and natural function that implant-retained prosthetics offer, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our Denver dental practice. Dr. Mike Norouzinia is a board-certified periodontist who can handle every step of the implant process: from initial consultation to implant surgery and final [...]

Will my dental implant feel like a real tooth?2019-12-10T13:03:08-07:00

Is it possible to reverse or cure gum disease?


Periodontal disease remains the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health. If you have mild, moderate, or advanced stages of gum disease, the doctors and dental team of Metropolitan Dental Care offer multiple treatment options that can reverse gum disease symptoms. Causes, Stages, and Symptoms of Gum Disease Periodontal disease is an ongoing gum infection. The condition often results from poor oral hygiene habits and infrequent visits to the dentist. The bacterial intrusion affects the teeth, gums, and jawbone. Left untreated, gum disease will advance from mild (gingivitis) to moderate and advanced [...]

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Are You Worried About Your Tooth Extraction?


Getting a tooth extraction can be nerve wracking. If you’re feeling anxious, rest assured that your Denver dentists at Metropolitan Dental Care will use modern, gentle techniques to encourage a fast and healthy recovery. If you have any questions about an upcoming appointment, our friendly, caring staff will be happy to answer them. Call (303) 534-2626 today. This information will hopefully make you feel less nervous as you go in for your tooth extraction procedure. Reasons for a Tooth Extraction Dentists will usually try to restore a tooth before opting to pull it out. However, for these dental problems, extraction may be the only [...]

Are You Worried About Your Tooth Extraction?2019-10-22T10:45:58-06:00

Five Benefits of Porcelain Veneers by Your Denver Dentist


If you’re lacking confidence due to cosmetic dental damage, then porcelain veneers may be an excellent option for you. At Metropolitan Dental Care, our Denver dentist uses veneers to dramatically transform smiles and boost the confidence of our patients. Veneers offer several advantages over other cosmetic treatments. We will explore these in more detail today. Are you interested in learning more about porcelain veneers at Metropolitan Dental Care? If so, call us today at 303-534-2626 to schedule an appointment. #1: Porcelain veneers can conceal several cosmetic imperfections. Your Denver dentist uses veneers for a wide range of purposes. Veneers can mask [...]

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