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How to Find a Great General Dentist


A general dentist can be compared to a general practitioner. Patients visit this type of dentist most often throughout their lives and typically build a relationship with only one general dentist. This is who patients visit for general dental cleanings and exams, fillings, common restorative procedures, and even some cosmetic procedures. If you’ve recently moved to a new city or if you’re just not satisfied with your current general dentist, it’s probably time to begin your search for a new one. Thankfully, your search can begin in the comfort of your own home, but you’ll end up in a dentist’s office [...]

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How to Find the Best Denver Dental Office


Finding the best Denver dental office isn’t as hard as it sounds, but it does take a little work. The best dental practices should shine in several categories. If you are looking for a dental home for you and your family, this overview will provide tips to steer you in the right direction.  Who are the doctors? Any dental practice is only as good as its doctors. Even with advanced technology, the best dentists rely on experience, training, and good interpersonal skills to deliver effective oral health treatments. There are several factors to consider when choosing a dentist.  These can include: [...]

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Where can I find affordable dental care in Denver?


At Metropolitan Dental in Denver, CO, we provide quality care at affordable prices because we believe that everyone should have access to oral healthcare. Our wide range of dental services can restore the smiles of adults of all ages, and our general dentistry options can prevent or treat cavities in children and teens.  Dental Care Cost Factors All of our treatments are priced with affordability in mind, although lengthy treatments can incur higher costs due to the time commitment of our doctors and staff. Our doctors have to consider the material cost of providing treatments, staff costs, and other considerations when [...]

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Your Denver dentist explains: How long will my tooth filling last?


If you are looking for a Denver dentist who places tooth-colored fillings, Metropolitan Dental Care is a regional leader in restorative treatments. Following trauma or treatment for cavities, a member of our dental team can artfully place composite resin fillings to restore your smile and protect your tooth from further decay.  Composite fillings are a biocompatible mixture of glass and quartz that matches the color and luster of natural teeth. Our office exclusively uses the material because it is free of harmful metals and chemicals and resists expansion and contraction when temperatures change. One questions our patients often ask is, “How [...]

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Your Denver Dentists’ Response: How often should I go to the dentist?


The American Dental Association recommends that patients attend “regular dental visits at intervals determined by a dentist” to maintain optimal oral health. The majority of dentists recommend twice-a-year visits to the dentist for cleanings and examinations. Regular dental visits allow your Denver dentist to prevent dental problems or to treat them at an early stage. Patients who recently underwent restorative treatments can benefit from more frequent checkups while otherwise healthy individuals can visit twice a year.  During your routine cleaning and examination, your Denver dentist at Metro Dental Care in Denver, CO can ensure that you maintain optimal oral health through [...]

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