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By: Cara Schurman, RDH Graduation!  The victory can be exhausting, and is certainly well worth it!  All of us at Metropolitan Dental Care (MDC) want to congratulate our graduates on a job well done!  Some of you have grown up in this practice: Losing your first tooth in our care, through having your wisdom teeth extracted in our office.  As a member of our family we'd like to take the time to make sure you have everything you need to fly away from the nest.  Yes, that includes more lessons that you may not fully appreciate until you're older, and then you'll want to come back and thank [...]

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 20162016-10-25T17:17:31-06:00

Cara’s Whiteboard Dental News


I had some funny appointments this week! Flossing encouragement and instruction is something you have grown to expect from a dental hygienist.  I mean it's our job, right?  But this week I was privileged to get flossing advice from one of my patients.  There was a significant improvement in the condition of his gums since his previous cleaning.  I was applauding his gum health and, asking what he'd done differently?  He said, "I floss when I want to encourage people to get out of my office!"  This was hilarious and very insightful.  We had a good laugh together, and I thanked him for the [...]

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Millimeters Matter


By: Cara Schurman, RDH Millimeters of what?  Millimeters of gum tissue! Periodontal screening and recording of these measurements is one of the first evaluations the Hygienist performs at your Dental Hygiene appointment, and the measurements we find in your Periodontal screening, dictate the direction we proceed.  I bring this to your attention, because I'm not sure many of you even know it's happening, or what it is.  These measurements mean everything!  So it's time you know exactly what they determine, and we encourage you to start asking how these millimeters matter to you. This screening is commonly referred to as "Perio [...]

Millimeters Matter2016-10-25T17:23:24-06:00