I had some funny appointments this week!

Flossing encouragement and instruction is something you have grown to expect from a dental hygienist.  I mean it’s our job, right?  But this week I was privileged to get flossing advice from one of my patients.  There was a significant improvement in the condition of his gums since his previous cleaning.  I was applauding his gum health and, asking what he’d done differently?  He said, “I floss when I want to encourage people to get out of my office!”  This was hilarious and very insightful.  We had a good laugh together, and I thanked him for the humor, and promised I would pass along the solid oral health advice to others.

The next short story includes a real Laugh Out Loud moment when I was treating a “new patient”.  While rinsing his mouth, water splashed all over his beard.  I mean this is bound to happen once in a while, but before I could stop myself, I said to him “pardon me while I water your hair garden”.  He laughed so hard, tears formed in his eyes.

I tried to pull the appointment back on track by asking him about his hobbies.  He started laughing so hard again, and told me a tale of his last hygiene appointment.  He likes to bike and the last hygienist he saw told him his gums were red and bleeding because of how fast he bikes.  The wind was causing his gums to be so sore.  Now I was the
one laughing!  After all that, you could say #besthygienevisitever!

Have a laugh out loud moment at work this week, and hopefully you’ll find it to be contagious and improve the quality of your life and gums!