As an expecting mother, oral health may not be high on your health radar. It’s true that during a pregnancy, you are often focused on other aspects of you and your baby’s health and well-being. However, paying close attention to your oral health during your pregnancy is important. Hormone shifts that naturally occur during your pregnancy can increase your teeth and gums’ susceptibility to infection or decay. Keeping a close eye on your changing oral health can prevent tooth pain, gingivitis, or other health problems for you and your child.

If you have recently become pregnant or are experiencing tooth pain or other uncomfortable symptoms while pregnant, give our Lone Tree, CO, practice a call. We can work with you to protect your teeth and gums safely during your pregnancy. For information on scheduling your appointment, call Metro Dental Care at (303) 534-2626.

Changes in Your Oral Health

Avoiding tooth pain while pregnant in Lone TreeDuring pregnancy, a woman’s body produces an increased level of the hormone progesterone, which can contribute to gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can actually loosen teeth and develop into periodontitis – a serious infection or the gum tissues surrounding teeth. There is research to suggest that a link between periodontitis and premature birth (or birth before 37 weeks) and low birthweight exists. To increase your chances of a safe and healthy delivery, don’t let swollen, tender, or bleeding gums go untreated.

In addition, some expecting mothers experience “pregnancy tumors” in the gums, usually in between teeth. These growths are not cancerous, and typically resolve on their own. However, some women require a procedure to have them removed after they give birth.

Take Care

Increased oral care should start as soon as possible after pregnancy begins to prevent tooth pain, pregnancy tumors, and gum disease. Easy, daily steps can make a huge difference for both you and your baby.

Here are our tips on caring for your mouth during pregnancy:

  • Remember diligent at-home care: Brush twice a day, as well as floss once a day. We also recommend introducing an antiseptic mouthwash with fluoride; this will help to strengthen your tooth enamel and ward off plaque and tartar buildup which contributes to gum disease.
  • Morning sickness? Be prepared: If you suffer from occasional vomiting due to morning sickness early on in your pregnancy, be sure to care for your mouth and teeth afterwards. A quick rinse with a simple solution of water and baking soda will return your mouth’s pH levels to normal and protect your enamel from harmful stomach acids.
  • Maintain regular appointments: Continue attending regular dental cleanings and examinations during pregnancy. Our Metro Dental Care team can help to remove tartar buildup and spot early signs of tooth decay or gingivitis to ensure your mouth is as healthy as possible.
  • Choose healthy, low-starch foods: eating a healthy, balanced diet low in sugar and simple carbohydrates is important for so many reasons during pregnancy, but comes with the added benefit of preventing additional plaque build-up on your teeth and gums. Harmful oral bacteria found in plaque actually feeds off of starches left behind in your mouth after eating sugary or starchy foods. If you do indulge, be sure to drink a glass of water afterwards to remove any left behind starches.

Quality Dental Care in Lone Tree, CO

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