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About Dr. Law

After graduating from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Steve Law, DDS co-founded Metropolitan Dental Care in 1983. Dr. Law continues his education regularly to bring Denver patients the latest technology, techniques, and comforts.

Why Dental Implants are Our #1 Tooth Replacement Choice


In 2019, we have access to the best dental technology in history! The restorations and cosmetic procedures you receive today are made of the best materials, with longer lifespans than ever before. While other Denver tooth replacement treatments have greatly improved and become stronger and more aesthetic, we still believe dental implants are the best option for restoring a single tooth. These freestanding dental restorations restore a missing tooth root to provide more benefits than any other treatment option available today. Below, discover the reasons why our team of Denver dentists chooses dental implants as much as possible for stronger smile [...]

Why Dental Implants are Our #1 Tooth Replacement Choice2019-05-13T09:31:33-06:00

What is your tooth pain telling you?


Our body has a way of communicating with our mind when something is “off”; usually, it’s through pain or discomfort. Sore muscles, sinus pressure, and headaches are all ways that our body communicates that it needs rest, water, or anything else. Your teeth and gums are no different! When patients call our Denver dental practice complaining of tooth pain, it’s an indication that something is not as it should be. To discover the source of the pain, and to treat the underlying issue, our doctors use information such as the patient’s description of the pain, as well as X-ray images and [...]

What is your tooth pain telling you?2019-05-13T09:31:25-06:00

Soothe Toothache Pain at Home


Toothaches always have a way of striking at the most inopportune times: on the weekend, before vacation, during a stressful time at work, or even in the middle of the night. Toothaches are usually, but not always, caused by tooth decay or cavities, which means that restorative dental treatment is needed to eliminate the source of the pain. Scheduling an appointment at our Denver practice is the first step you should take to deal with a toothache. However, toothache pain could persist, or come and go, until you can get in to see one of our doctors. So what can you [...]

Soothe Toothache Pain at Home2019-05-10T16:03:21-06:00

Three Reasons Why Your Dentist May Perform a Tooth Extraction


“Dental extraction” is the term we use to describe removing a tooth from the mouth. Most dentists will tell you that maintaining your natural teeth is always preferable for keeping a healthy, strong mouth. But sometimes, a tooth becomes negative - rather than positive - to your overall health and wellbeing. Though “pulling a tooth” can sound scary, our dentists are experienced and highly skilled in removing teeth with minimal discomfort. Below, learn the most common reasons why your Denver dentist could recommend a tooth extraction. When it comes to oral health, you want to choose the best for you and [...]

Three Reasons Why Your Dentist May Perform a Tooth Extraction2019-05-10T13:41:35-06:00

Do porcelain veneers stain over time?


Did you know that Denver has nearly 1,000 coffee shops? We’re a city that clearly loves a cup of joe. While coffee is a lifesaver in the mornings, its richly-colored brew can stain teeth over time, causing many coffee-lovers to reach for whitening solutions regularly. Patients who are considering a smile makeover often ask our Denver dentists if porcelain veneers will stain like natural teeth. Many people wonder whether teeth whitening is part of regular maintenance for porcelain veneers. The answer? Read on! […]

Do porcelain veneers stain over time?2019-05-09T21:30:55-06:00