Young woman revealing teeth whitening effects.

It’s a pretty well known fact that coffee, red wine, black tea, and tomato-based products can dull and stain your teeth. But did you know there are certain foods available that may naturally brighten your pearly whites? Just by making a few food swaps in the grocery aisle, you can deter tooth decay and, perhaps, enjoy a more radiant smile. Whiter teeth can take years off your appearance and make you look and feel more attractive.

At Metropolitan Dental Care, we offer professional teeth whitening at our Lone Tree and Denver locations, to lighten tooth enamel by several shades. It is a quicker and more effective option than over-the-counter whitening. Please contact our practice today, online or by calling 303.534.2626, to schedule your whitening treatment with one of our cosmetic dentists.

Below are seven foods that you can immediately implement into your diet to help you achieve a healthier and brighter smile.


You know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, apparently, the same holds true for dentists. Apples contain a high concentration of malic acid, a substance intended to remove surface stains and increase saliva production. As you chew on this crunchy fruit, it will scrub away unwanted stains. It’s apple season – so stock up the next time you’re at the grocery store!


While many dark-colored berries can cause discoloration, strawberries are the exception. This bright red fruit also contains malic acid, which naturally polishes teeth. As an additional benefit, strawberries contain Vitamin C and antioxidants that counteract bacteria and inflammation to reduce your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.


Pineapple naturally contains bromelain, an ingredient often added to toothpastes. Bromelain is an enzyme known for its cleaning properties and ability to reduce inflammation. By eating this sweet fruit, you can simultaneously whiten teeth and remove bacteria.


While this may be surprising to read, cheese can strengthen enamel and protect teeth from some harmful acids notorious for staining teeth. It is rich in calcium and protein, and the lactic acid in cheese can counteract tooth decay. The harder the cheese, the healthier it is for your smile. Consuming hard cheese increases saliva production, which can help remove plaque and whiten teeth.


Broccoli’s high fiber content and inflammation-reducing capabilities can minimize your risk for gum disease. The iron in broccoli also serves as a barrier against enamel erosion. When eaten raw, broccoli can remove plaque and scrub stains from tooth enamel to uncover a healthier and brighter smile.


This fibrous vegetable acts as a natural toothbrush when consumed raw. Also high in water, it helps aid saliva production to clean teeth and stimulate fresh breath. Try dipping your celery in yogurt or cream cheese to enhance the flavor and improve whitening power.


Staying hydrated by drinking water is good for your body and oral health. It boosts saliva production and helps wash away food from the surface of your teeth. Here’s a bonus tip for you: Follow up red wine or coffee with a glass of water to help prevent dental staining.

Want to Whiten Your Teeth?

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