smiling young woman sitting on green grass outsideWhite fillings are becoming more and more common. In fact, at Metropolitan Dental Care, we recommend them over silver amalgam fillings due to their numerous advantages. Here, our Denver dental team explores six benefits of composite fillings so patients can be well-informed about this treatment option.

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#1: White fillings are less invasive.

To place amalgam fillings, significant tooth structure must be removed. As a result, the overall integrity of the tooth can be compromised. Conversely, white fillings do not require as much alteration. Therefore, more natural tooth structure can be left intact.

#2: Composite fillings offer better aesthetics.

The most obvious benefit of white fillings is that they blend in with your smile. They can be custom-shaded to match the surrounding tooth structure. Silver fillings are quite noticeable, and can detract from your overall appearance. This is why many of our patients choose composite restorations.

#3: White fillings are not affected by temperature changes.

Amalgam is made of a mixture of tin, copper, silver, mercury, and zinc. These restorations expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, which can compromise the structural integrity of a restored tooth. Composite fillings do not respond to temperature changes in this manner. As a result, the risk of future damage is reduced.

#4: Composite resin is strong and durable.

Decades ago, when white fillings were first invented, they were weak and brittle. Over the years, technological advancements have led to higher-quality dental materials. Today’s composite fillings are strong, resilient, and can be placed in any area of the mouth without fear of damage.

#5: White fillings are less likely to cause dental sensitivity.

It’s normal to experience some degree of sensitivity following a filling, whether it is amalgam or composite. However, in the long-term composite fillings are much less likely to cause sensitivity because the resin insulates the tooth and protects it from extreme heat and cold.

#6: Composite fillings can be repaired easily.

If an amalgam filling becomes damaged, it must be removed and replaced. This further weakens the natural tooth structure and increases the risk of dental damage. Fortunately, white fillings can be repaired easily. If your Denver dentist notices that your composite filling has been chipped or worn down, he or she can simply clean the area and reinforce it with resin.

#7: Composite resin can be used to repair cosmetic flaws.

In addition to filling cavities, composite resin is also used for dental bonding. This process involves applying the material to the affected tooth to alter its shape, size, or color. This is a cost-effective way to conceal chips, cracks, discoloration, and other aesthetic issues.

Can I replace my old silver restorations with white fillings?

Yes! In fact, many of our Denver patients have decided to do just that. In addition to providing more aesthetic results, many individuals feel that composite fillings are safer. Though the FDA has deemed amalgam safe for dental use, some believe that mercury has a negative impact on overall health.

If you’re concerned about mercury in your dental restorations, your Denver dentist can discuss the pros and cons of replacing them with white fillings.

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