smiling family of four in their homeWhen was your last dental visit? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 64.4 percent of American adults aged 18 to 64 attended the dentist last year.[1] Life is busy. But making time for your oral health needs can keep your teeth and gums healthy for many years to come. Our team at Metropolitan Dental Care discusses 6 benefits of regular dental visits.

#1: Early Detection of Dental Issues

Many dental issues are much more manageable when detected early. For example, a cavity can be treated more conservatively during the early stages. Additionally, gum disease is completely reversible if detected early on. Simply stated, it is more expensive to fix dental problems as they worsen. Regular dental visits allow your doctor to keep your oral health in check so you can save time and money in the long run.

#2: Prevention of Bad Breath

We all develop bad breath every now and then, especially after a bowl of garlic shrimp! However, persistent bad breath may indicate a more serious issue, such as periodontitis. At our practice, we offer several treatments to eliminate bad breath. Our on-staff periodontist, Dr. Mike Norouzinia, can meet with you to discuss your options.

#3: Avoid Tooth Loss

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among American adults. Because this condition is generally painless until the late stages, your teeth can become mobile long before they start hurting. Therefore, regular dental visits at our Denver practice are crucial to the long-term health of your teeth and gums.

#4: Set an Example for Your Children

At Metropolitan Dental Care, we provide care for patients of all ages. In fact, we encourage you to bring your children along to your appointments with you. When your child sees you taking care of your oral health, he or she will be more likely to do the same. Set an example for your little ones by attending regular dental visits.

#5: Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Did you know that dentists are qualified to diagnose and treat some sleep disorders? For example, if you are suffering from symptoms of sleep apnea, our doctors can create a custom oral appliance. This device helps to open the airways by keeping the soft tissues from collapsing over the windpipe. If you require more advanced treatment, we can refer you to a sleep specialist to assess your symptoms.

#6: No Surprises

Life has enough surprises. You don’t want unexpected dental care to be another one. By visiting your dentist on a regular basis, he or she can monitor your oral health and recommend ways to preserve your smile.

Many patients can maintain their smiles with cleanings every six months. But if you are prone to serious dental issues, such as gum disease or tooth decay, more frequent appointments may be a benefit. During a consultation at our practice, we can help you determine an appointment schedule to meet your needs. We can also demonstrate personalized hygiene routines to keep your teeth healthy in the meantime.

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