woman smiling at cameraThe phrase “smile makeover” is often associated with extreme makeover television shows but overhauling your smile doesn’t have to be such a dramatic process. Along with offering individual cosmetic treatments, dentists can create complete smile makeover treatment plans for patients. The process doesn’t have to be dramatic, but the results certainly will!

If you have more than one thing you’d like to change about your smile, a smile makeover from an experienced cosmetic dentist could be just what you’ve been searching for.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons to consider a smile makeover:

1. Better oral and overall health

Although a smile makeover is mostly focused on aesthetics, it also offers oral and overall health benefits. When teeth are crooked, cracked, gapped, or crowded, they are more likely to suffer from decay and gum disease. Conversely, when teeth are properly aligned and restored, they are healthier and easier to clean.

Decreasing your risk of gum disease and decay also helps you avoid associated health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. We can’t think of a better reason for you to start your smile makeover today!

2. More opportunities

Have you ever thought about how your imperfect smile has impacted your life as a whole? How often do you feel self-conscious about your teeth?

An imperfect smile can change the way a person feels in work, home, and social situations. For instance, it may be much more difficult to speak up in a work meeting when you’re thinking about how others may care more about your smile than what you said. Additionally, it may be difficult to date because you lack confidence.

There are so many situations where an imperfect smile may hold you back. Imagine life with a picture-perfect smile! No life is perfect, but we think that confidence and self-assuredness certainly make life a little easier. You’ll feel much more capable in day-to-day situations. Additionally, the people around you will most likely see you as more capable, successful, and beautiful.

So, will a better smile be the only reason you get a promotion or a second date? Of course not! But it will definitely increase your chances.

3. Improves quality of life

When a person likes his smile, he is more likely to smile more often. And did you know that smiling actually makes you happier? It’s true! When a person smiles, the brain releases specific hormones, including dopamine and serotonin. Low levels of these hormones are associated with depression, which means more of them equals happiness.

Additionally, these boost the immune system, lower stress, and may even prolong a person’s life!

4. Modern technology

As dentistry has evolved, cosmetic treatments have become quicker and less invasive! Invisalign® clear aligners are one of the most popular dental treatments available today because of how discreet and effective they are. A person with a crooked smile can be wearing the aligners without anyone ever knowing!

Dental lasers have also made cosmetic treatments less invasive and much more comfortable. Rather than using scalpels and sutures for treatments like gum surgery, the dentist can utilize a soft tissue laser that trims and seals the soft tissue. This results in less discomfort, less bleeding, and a faster recovery.

Smile Makeover in Denver, CO

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