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Thank you to our patients who have trusted us for over 30 years for their dental care services!

Any dentist in Denver would more than likely agree that a practice is only as good as what the patients have to say about that practice. Metropolitan Dental Care patients are the entire reason why Metropolitan Dental Care was opened in the first place.

MDC (Metropolitan Dental Care) is committed to providing a compassionate and gentle experience for each patient. As a local, independently owned practice, MDC strives to provide the highest quality dental care at the most affordable prices in Denver.

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Sonicare Versus Traditional ToothBrushes

The original Sonicare was first developed over 20 years ago and the technology keeps improving! The toothbrush has not changed much since 1930, when they replaced the boar hair bristles with nylon. In 1960, the first power brush was introduced to the market, and for the past 50 years people have been second guessing if they are worth the money.

Most people (90%) do not brush properly or long enough. Many folks are consumed with everyday life and 2 minutes for brushing seems like forever! That’s where Sonicare comes into play with its quad-pacer. It times our brushing for us and does all the work with the sonic motion of the bristles.

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Dental Insurance We Accept

Everyday new patients ask us what types of dental insurance we provide. So it only seemed fitting to address this issue on our site. Here you can learn about the specific “in network” providers that Metropolitan Dental Care works with as well as the out of network insurance companies that we work with.

Are you seeing the best dentist? Does your insurance company try to tell you who you are allowed to see for your dental care? Did you know that if you have Out of Network Coverage, you have the FREEDOM to go to whichever dentist you choose?

Metropolitan Dental Care is In Network with Cigna Radius, Delta Dental Premier, Assurant, and United Concordia Elite plans, and provides services to hundreds of patients with other types of insurance as Out of Network providers.

In many cases, your Out of Network benefits are actually BETTER than your In Network benefits!

Just contact us (please include your dental insurance provider), and we will let you know what your insurance benefits will pay for your treatment.



Don't Throw Away That Old Sonicare!

Don’t be hasty and just throw away your old Sonicare toothbrush. When you upgrade to the newest Sonicare, there are so many uses for that older toothbrush

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